Planned Giving

What Is Planned Giving?

Planned giving allows an individual or family to maximize income from an appreciated asset and donate responsibly and concretely to organizations representing causes that matter to them. The income and estate tax planning tools utilized to carry out this process vary widely, ranging from wills and living trusts to a number of sophisticated instruments.

Specifically, some of the goals for a planned giving instrument may include: minimizing estate taxes; bypassing capital gains, taxes; receiving current tax deductions; structuring flexible funding provisions; and creating a trust that will pay life insurance policy premiums and allow insurance proceeds to be distributed with no gift or estate tax to family members.

Why Have Planned Giving?


Your donors and volunteers fully expect your organization to be healthy and enduring — and assume you are making sound financial decisions and laying an adequate foundation for the years to come. A vital, planned giving program addresses the need for future resources by showing donors how they can prudently commit estate gifts to your organization. CTAI can provide the resources necessary for your constituents to learn about will bequests, gift annuities, trust remainders and other tax-favored gift vehicles. A planned giving program ensures that the tools are in place for endowment funds to be established and enlarged.


Organizations focused solely on acquiring annual funds tend to reflect a cyclical character, often facing a continual struggle to survive. A planned giving program lays a line into the future. It inspires vision and can give your organization more momentum for long-term projects. Planned giving can lead to policy-making and refined fiduciary skills.


Your organization exists because individuals believe in your cause and voluntarily commit their resources to help you succeed. They are partners with you in furthering your mission. The more you enhance these partnerships, the healthier your organization will be.


If for no other reason, a planned giving program makes sense as a way to honor those who have demonstrated interest in your organization, especially those who have faithfully offered support over the years.

How CTAI Can Assist You


CTAI provides the following services to assist your organization in establishing and maintaining a planned giving department:

  • Literature, articles and seminars to provide a basic understanding of living trusts, charitable trusts, and other gift planning vehicles
  • Quarterly newsletters highlighting planned giving topics
  • Information on changes in tax law in the area of charitable giving
  • Guidance in creating customized brochures on charitable giving
  • Information to assist your organization in creating newsletters for donors
  • Guest speakers at donor seminars

Distinctive of CTAI Services

Easy-to-Read and Understand
  • Donors will be able to read and understand their trusts.
  • We can provide custom report covers for the organization.
  • Donor relations will be improved with great timely reports.
  • The donor, his advisers, the development office will all have timely, accurate information to review.
  • The charity using our services will be differentiated in the marketplace by providing timely and professional reports.
  • The legal or financial professional will serve their clients well by providing independent and professional service.
  • Donor’s will receive their tax information (K-1) on a timely basis and will not be held up in their annual tax filings.
  • We provide complete back-office support providing the organization to grow and expand with additional space or cost.
  • No specialized tax knowledge is needed by your staff.
  • Our staff is “on Call” to answer any tax or related questions regarding charitable trusts.
  • Donors may refer their friends that are not receiving similar service from their charity.
  • We normally can reduce administrative costs for an individual or organization by 50% of current costs.