About CTAI

Mission Statement

The mission of Charitable Trust Administrators, Inc. is to provide state-of-the-art administrative services for the establishment and ongoing operation of charitable trusts.  These services are performed for individuals, non-profit organizations, foundations, and professionals in legal, accounting, insurance and investment management firms.

Charitable Trust Administrators, Inc. (CTAI)

CTAI was created to assist not-for-profit organizations in the area of planned giving. This is our core expertise. Our firm began as an outgrowth of the CPA/Financial Planning practice of Charles J. McLucas, Jr. Mr. McLucas has been providing charitable trust analysis and tax services to his clients since 1970.

CTAI was established in 1995 to work exclusively with charitable trusts. We provide educational materials, gift proposals and document reporting assistance.

We are always available to help your organization by providing solutions to any tax planning requests that come in from donors. Because of the highly-specialized needs of charitable organizations in the arena of planned giving, we can assist you with technical or practical questions. We serve as your support staff to ensure that donors are confident in your management of their planned giving needs.

With our knowledge, expertise and responsive client service, CTAI is uniquely positioned to help your organization develop and administer a successful and fiscally-sound planned giving program.

Expertise in Planned Giving Development and Administration

Not-for-profit organizations are faced with an enormous set of responsibilities. As an executive with a charitable organization, your expertise is necessarily focused on fund raising and execution of the core mission. In working with us, your organization can benefit from:

  • Our knowledge of the complex legal, administrative and tax issues involved in setting up and administering Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) and other planned giving instruments.

  • The fiscal reliability provided by our top-flight specialists allows you to continue to focus on your organization’s vital mission.
  • Our thorough and timely trust reports and communications.
  • Staff and donor education presentations, brochures, newsletters and up-to-date information on planned giving topics.
  • Client services that include customized written proposals, tax returns and report preparation.