Establishing a Planned Giving Department

All organizations are looking to ‘grow’ their endowments.  Yet with shrinking budgets, the increasing need for immediate cash, and too little time, development officers find it almost impossible to pursue Planned Giving.  The thought of adding a full-time specialist is just not financially feasible.

The laws and techniques of proper philanthropic estate and financial planning seem daunting and overwhelming.

Many foundations and organizations are utilizing the outsourced services of knowledgeable and seasoned professionals to assist in the pursuit, marketing and development of Planned Gifts.

We believe that the best solution is not just retaining a gift planning consultant, but recruiting a successful COACH to help build your team.


  • A ‘PLAY’ CALLER – Knows the plays & when to call them
  • A TEACHER – Explains how and when plays work
  • ENCOURAGER – A few ‘successes’ builds your confidence
  • CHARACTER BUILDER – Seeing it done right fosters strength
  1. RECRUITS PLAYERS with the most potential
  2. RECRUITS ASSISTANT COACHES who are trustworthy
  3. SCOUTS future team players.

After a few ‘Games’ you’ll not only feel more comfortable in the process, you’ll have more dollars to use to expand your team.With a combined total of over a century of proven, cost-effective experience, the

Coaching Team @ CTAI is ready to help your organization achieve success in the Planned Giving arena. Contact us for a conversation or proposal.

How Can CTAI Assist You?

By establishing a Planned Giving Department

CTAI can assist your organization in establishing and maintaining a planned giving department by providing:

Staff Education

  • Literature, articles and seminars provide a basic understanding of living trusts, charitable trusts, and other gift planning vehicles
  • Quarterly newsletters highlight planned giving topics
  • Updated information on changes in tax law in the area of charitable giving

Donor Education

  • Guidance in creating customized brochures on charitable giving
  • Information to assist your organization in creating newsletters for donors
  • Guest speakers at donor seminars