How We Help

Establishing a Planned Giving Department

CTAI provides the following services to assist your organization in establishing and maintaining a planned giving department:

Staff Education
  • Literature, articles and seminars to provide a basic understanding of living trusts, charitable trusts, and other gift planning vehicles.
  • Quarterly newsletters highlighting planned giving topics.
  • Information on changes in tax law in the area of charitable giving.
Donor Education
  • Guidance in creating customized brochures on charitable giving
  • Information to assist your organization in creating newsletters for donors
  • Guest speakers at donor seminars.
Distinctive CTAI Services
  • Easy-to-Read and Understand
  • Donors will be able to read and understand their trusts.
  • We can provide custom report covers for the organization.
  • Donor relations will be improved with great timely reports.
  • The donor, his advisers, the development office will all have timely, accurate information to review.
  • The charity using our services will be differentiated in the marketplace by providing timely and professional reports.
  • The legal or financial professional will serve their clients well by providing independent and professional service.
Timely Tax Filings
  • Donor’s will receive their tax information (K-1) on a timely basis and will not be held up in their annual tax filings.
  • We provide complete back-office support providing the organization to grow and expand with additional space or cost.
  • No specialized tax knowledge is needed by your staff.
  • Our staff is “on Call” to answer any tax or related questions regarding charitable trusts.
  • Donors may refer their friends that are not receiving similar service from their charity.
  • Fee Structure is Extremely Fair.
  • We normally can reduce administrative costs for an individual or organization by 50% of current costs
how we help